When Is The Best Time To Sell A Property?
Some say spring because the weather is great and the property looks its best. During spring time the garden is full of colour. Many will say winter is a bad time to sell because it’s cold and wet and there’s no colour in the garden. But a well-presented home can still look good no matter what season we are in.
What Is My Property Worth?

Unfortunately there is no exact scientific formula that covers all properties, in all market conditions, which you can use to calculate the market value for your property.

There are a number of factors that come into the equation in determining the value of a property – such things as the size, location and orientation of your land, the size and style of the house, the age, condition and presentation of the property, the quality of your fixtures and fittings, how unique and desirable the property might be to the current buyers in the market, the economic climate and more.

Can I Sell A Property With Tenants In Place?

Most tenants are co-operative and very helpful, but even the most accommodating tenants can sometimes be tested by the additional demands that come with living in a property that is on the market.

The law requires that once a property is on the market tenants must allow the agent to show prospective buyers through the property – provided the tenants have been given 24 hours notice.