Ten Things Landlords Look for in the Perfect Tenant

Dec 12, 2019 | How to Guides

Landlords are always looking for the perfect tenant and are far more likely to accept special requests coming from them. The ideal tenants have no trouble finding a great place to live in, and landlords are always willing to go the extra mile for them.

Here are ten factors that create the perfect tenant that every landlord dreams of.

01- Pay Rent on Time

Perfect tenants pay their rent on time

According to the rental agreement, a date is generally set for when rent is due. Most landlords have exhausted their previous monthly income, and they have future payments committed and mortgages pending.

They usually do not have a second source of income to rely on. Tenants that make their rent on time are ideal for landlords and are sought after. A tenant that tends to pay rent on time can easily get accepted into any rented space.

02- Honest About Late Payments

In the unfortunate event that payment due this month is expected to be late, always be upfront and inform your landlord.

Informing your landlord beforehand allows him to prepare himself for the late payment, instead of getting an unpleasant surprise at the last moment.

It also helps when a legitimate not overused excuse is provided for the reason behind the late payment and a future not too distant date is provided.

This demonstrates that a tenant takes it seriously and won’t be making it a habit of late payments.

03- Treats the Property Like Their Own

Taking good care of a property means the world to landlords, and it’s not that hard. Just treat it like you would treat your own property, it is your home for now after all.

Don’t be reckless or indifferent towards the property and if you have an excellent record of being respectful with your home, the landlord will inevitably notice your exemplary attitude.

Your reputation in this regard matters a lot because if by chance you break something by accident, the landlord/ property manager will take your excellent reputation into account and be willing to accept it as an honest mistake.

Another scenario where your reputation helps you is when you’re shifting to another place and require a recommendation letter from the landlord.

04- Don’t Always Blame the Landlord

Sometimes something or the other will be out of place, don’t instantly blame the landlord for it. Instinctively assuming bad blood or negative intentions isn’t constructive and makes for a rather weak relationship with your landlord.

Inform the landlord promptly about any repair, maintenance or complaint that you might have and operate in good faith.

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05- The Perfect Tenant is Always be Polite

The best of us are guilty of throwing a temper tantrum, its human nature. However, it shouldn’t develop into a character trait. It’s toxic and can negatively impact your relationship with your landlord.

Remaining polite and civil is an admirable quality in a tenant that can win over the most stubborn landlords.

06- Follow the Rules

The perfect tenants know the rules

Rules are there for a reason, please don’t shrug them off. Rules aren’t created to inconvenience your experience, they are formed for the over-all benefit of every stakeholder.

The landlord, property manager, neighbours, and the tenant all stand to gain by the enforcement of rules. Always honour your rental agreements, and voice your concerns regarding any rule before signing the contract.

Tenants who tend to follow the rules are awarded with an excellent reputation and special requests of such tenants are always taken into favourable consideration. 

07- Always Inform a Landlord How Something Broke

Trust me things break all the time, its human error and it’s not the end of the world. However, hiding the source behind it can have troublesome consequences.

It is decidedly easier to fix things when you know how they broke in the first place. Your landlord would greatly appreciate it, and it would also make the repairing process seamless.

08- Always Ask Permission Before Making Changes to the Property

Landlords generally prefer that the tenant does not modify their property and they have solid reasoning behind it. The property is constructed with a certain quality in mind, your changes might not adhere to the quality of construction recommended by building associations.

If you do still plan on making changes to the property, always make a point to request formally and wait for a confirmation before proceeding.

09- Have Renters Insurance

Perfect tenants have contents insurance

Imagine breaking something really expensive in your rented property, it can happen to the best of us. It is always a smart decision to have renters insurance. That way you won’t feel the brunt of the expensive repair cost and it will be shouldered by your insurance.

In the absence of renter insurance, you would be expected to foot the entire bill by yourself. Delaying in fixing because of a lack of funds would be a tough spot for the landlord to find himself in. All landlords would highly appreciate tenants with insurance.

10- Do Not Let Anyone Live With You Who Isn’t on the Lease 

Always respect the rules, and never flout them. Following the rules portrays the perfect tenant as a responsible and trustworthy individual. A set number of individuals are allowed to live in the rented property, and they are mentioned inside the lease.

If you plan on adding another roommate or entertaining a guest for a long period of time, always inform and request for permission prior to inviting them over. 

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