Regional newspapers have moved entirely online, making major sites like an even more important resource for advertising property than ever before. has been a significant player in selling, buying and renting properties for many many years.

It was already a household name, but a recent move at the end of June by many Australian newspapers to move to a digital-only platform means the real estate giant will likely become more critical than ever.

The way that real estate listings are promoted has been changing over the last few decades with digital listings creating an opportunity to shine a brighter light on each individual property.

High-quality images and video walk-throughs may be just the beginning for the way properties are advertised, with new additions like VR likely to become even more popular as print no longer becomes an option.

How Will the End of Print Mean Benefit Sites Like

With big corporations like News Corp forced to throw in the towel following dismal sales of physical in your hand newspapers Real Estate advertising will undeniably be forced to shift with it.

For decades newspapers were the penultimate source of real estate advertising, and even as digital took over, they enjoyed a dominant stronghold on the portion of the market that preferred non-digital physical sources.

With a Sunday morning look through the listings no longer possible for many, are sites like going to be gaining some first-time users?

It is, of course, likely the respective newspapers will come up with new and creative eyes to attract readers’ eyes.

However, the fact that the majority sit behind a paywall provides a very real opportunity for, and it’s competitors to take over even more of the market.

What Does Digital Offer Property Advertisers?

The digital world has introduced the ability to have amazing photos of every room, video and interactive walk-throughs, even drone flyovers.

There isn’t really an argument for the dominance a digital showcase has on showing off your property for sale or rent.

Perhaps the essential difference that cements the death of printable versions is the ability to make an instant expression of interest or application when you’ve finished digitally walking through your future dream house.

Exactly where the future of real estate advertising is headed is impossible to say, and there will certainly be some who opt to grab a flyer from their local agency.

But one thing is for sure. We will see sites like taking this opportunity and not looking back.