What Brisbane Property Managers Should Be Doing For You

Jan 6, 2020 | Landlord Advice, Tenant Advice

Brisbane Property Managers are Generally Expected to Do Three Main Things:

> Find the Perfect Tenant

> Manage Your Rent

> Maintain Your Property

However, as you become an experienced landlord you will realise the best property managers in Brisbane are the ones who go the extra mile for you.

At Investarent we believe our property management stands out because we take responsibility for the things that allow you to get the most out of your investment.

The best Brisbane property managers should be advising their landlords how to maximise the return on their investment.

You should also be guided in how to reduce risk on your investment, and the manager should be managing your property investment portfolio like a business.

Providing Insurance Information

Your property manager should advise you to get property and rental insurance and put you in contact with the best providers and policies.

Help you sift through various insurance plans available from different companies.

Get you a reliable insurance policy that has the fastest claim settlement period.

The insurance policy should cover you against loss of rent due to a tenant’s rent default, the theft or burglary of any belongings you have leased to your tenants, and natural disasters such as storms

Help Set Rules That Protect Your Best Interests

Advice the landlord on landlord-tenant law, regulations, and legislative changes. Help create rules for tenants that protect the landlord from frivolous lawsuits and anticipate potential lawsuits.

To be able to perform efficiently the property manager must be an expert in landlord-tenant laws. A good property manager will ensure that potential tricky situations like evictions are always performed according to the letter and spirit of the law

Take Care of Your Tenants

A tenant that’s well looked after is more likely to stay longer, this equals fewer vacancies and thus maximizing return on investment for the landlord. Property managers must foster a relationship with tenants on your behalf, a strong relationship is essential to a smoothly operated property.

Help Create Wealth

Creating wealth for landlords via property management is a critical skill that differentiates the average property manager from the best in the business.

There are several ways to facilitate the landlord, recommending tax depreciation schedules and discussing mortgage broker options.

Property managers should have a pulse on the market and advise when a rental increase is feasible, and aid the landlord in attracting higher-paying tenants.

Know Your Properties Real Value

A reliable and professional property manager will keep on top of your property’s worth. Your property’s rent should go up in line with the market, and the landlord should be informed when it’s time to sell the property instead of renting it.

The over-all goal is to ensure that the landlord is achieving maximum return on his property investment.

The Best Brisbane Property Managers Anticipate Future Issues and are Pro-active

You deserve someone on your side who isn’t just reacting to the market changes. Your property manager should be able to anticipate matters that need attending to like repairs and maintenance.

A stitch in time saves nine, this golden rule should be the motto for all property managers who are responsible for the property.

The property manager should appraise the landlord of any knowledge that they come across that might be detrimental to the landlord’s goals, for instance, a tenant who is breaking the rules or expected to fall short on rent day.

Routine Inspections

As a rule, a regular inspection of your property is necessary. Landlords should be kept up to date on the condition of their property. Tenants must not be flouting the rules, and all guidelines must be followed. This ensures a longer life for your property.

Impeccable Communication Skills

Good communication skills ensure that tenants understand the rules and why they must follow them. It also helps to ensure that there is no miscommunication in terms of maintenance and repair.

Once You Find the Perfect Brisbane Property Manager Keep Them!

Once you find that perfect property manager who goes the extra mile, never let him or her go! They are rare, and their entire job surrounds around making sure the landlords’ interests are protected.

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