Investarent Director Michelle Watt Takes Home National Property Management Award

Apr 4, 2018 | Media

Congratulations to Investarent Director Michelle Watt, who was last week awarded the Prestigious Pinnacle Star Award at the Property Management Leadership Summit.

Michelle Watt is awarded the The Pinnacle Star Award which is presented to one individual each year at the Property Management Leadership Summit for demonstrating a commitment to excellence in every element of property management, courage to be an industry trailblazer and for being a breaker of paradigms.

Each year the Summit chooses one standout individual that best represents the property management Industry, demonstrating excellence in every aspect of the field. 

Each key element is carefully assessed by the Director of the Summit, Jo-Anne Oliveri. Jo-Anne has close to 30 years experience in Real Estate and is an internationally recognised Real Estate identity.

She is a regular contributor to leading international real estate publications and speaks internationally at the industries top conferences.

To be recognised by Jo-Anne Oliveri, a woman who has trained thousands of business owners as an industry leader is a true honour.

Jo-Anne who herself was a thought leader of the year finalist in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 created the Property Management Leadership Summit in association with ireviloution of which she is the Founder and Managing Director.

The two-day summit is specifically designed to cater to Leaders in Australian Property Management and brings together Principals, Heads of Department and BDMs, who are serious about leadership and business success.

The summit empowers its attendees with inspiration, leadership skills and real-life business examples to allow them to step up, lead their team, and profitably grow their business. 

Michelle Watt at summit property conference

It is a great honour to be able to commend Michelle on being officially recognised for her contributions this year, which are so obvious to her staff and clients.

Her outstanding daily commitment to her clients along with the selfless contributions that Michelle constantly makes to the community were all reasons why Michelle was the standout candidate amongst a very talented pool of Property Managers”, Jo-Anne mentioned in response to Michelle’s win.

Anyone who has dealt with Michelle understands that she goes above and beyond her duties as a property manager to look after her clients and their best interests.

This year’s summit was over-represented with quality property management candidates and it genuinely could have gone to a number of people.

For Michelle to be awarded the “Pinnacle Star Award”, is a testament to her hard work and dedication, to not only her industry but also each and every landlord and tenant that she interacts with” Jo-Anne Oliveri said of Michelle and her accomplishments.

Michelle is a beautiful person and any client would be lucky to have her represent their interests in this industry.” 

To be the only winner within such a competitive field really blew me away.  When you love and enjoy going to work every day with such an amazing and supportive team it hardly feels like work. I guess that is one of the secrets to being good at what you do, find something you genuinely love and the rest falls into place.” said Michelle.

Michelle Watt received Pinnacle Star award

The award brings attention to Michelle’s constant drive to perfect the services and systems she has in place at Investarent and to ensure the industry continues to grow and develop to provide the best possible protection and services for Landlords and Tenants. 

This is just the beginning”, said Michelle and she certainly won’t stop here.

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