Why Investarent

Investarent offer peace of mind so you know that all aspects of managing your property are being monitored carefully, and in doing so we will; Maximise returns on your investment and maximise the opportunity to increase you portfolio.

We Specialise In

New Constructions

Investarent have strong relationships with many of the builders across Brisbane. We offer a wealth of experience when it comes to the task of ‘onboarding’ a newly constructed property.

This process should be straight forward, however, often it is not. We’re here to assist you through this process. At handover we will meet with your builder, on site, to take possession of the property and its at this point we conduct an audit checking that your property is ready for tenants.

Vertical Living, Highrise Developments

Having large volume properties hitting the market contemporaneously requires its own unique set of skills to ensure that all the client’s needs are met and all tenants are placed as soon as possible.

Having worked over an extension period with Project Builders and High Rise Developers, clients turn to Investarent when they want to know that their property will be in a safe pair of hands.

Property Investment

For your investment to be financially viable, it needs to be consistently earning you money through rental income.

Our proven methods for achieving this are; Rent Appraisal, Quality Marketing, Applicant Screening, Bond Refunds, Landlor Protection.

Apart from providing you with the top rental income, it is also important that your investment continues to increase in value. We achieve this through, Property Inspections, Maintenance & Repairs, Renovations & Improvements, Regular Pool Maintenance.

Have an investment property that needs managing?