Will Domain.com.au Benefit From the End of Regional Print?

May 29, 2020 | Media

Regional newspapers will soon be moving entirely online, likely making big players like Domain.com.au the go-to source for property listings.

Yesterday Thursday, May 28th saw the shock announcement from News Corp that over 100 papers across the country would become digital-only publications. The question remains what does this mean for Real Estate listings? Will sites like Domain.com.au soon strengthen their stronghold on Real Estate advertising?

With huge firms like News Corp compelled to move to digital-only versions following dwindling sales of print newspapers Real Estate advertising and marketing will without a doubt continue to change and adapt with the increasing move to digital.

Readers who enjoyed a Sunday morning browse of the print real estate listings will be disappointed and likely take time to adjust.

Even so, there is no denying that digital advertising with the power of virtual tours, HD pictures of every room and even drone footage have been dominating old school advertising for some time.

The move to digital-only news sources is no doubt going to only open up the opportunities for Domain.com.au and their competitors to add even more value for property buyers, sellers and renters.

Domain.com.au Interactive Floorplan

What Does This Mean For Sites Like Domain.com.au

As we draw closer to the end of Print Media we are likely to see a transition of eyes to digital advertising options. 

One of the major benefits the digital format has had is the ability for potential buyers and renters to express their interest in a certain property immediately.

For this reason, it is likely digital will continue to eliminate “analog” news and information sources due to it’s inability to compete with the interactive nature of online sources.

Especially in the older generations, there has been somewhat of a reluctance to move over to digital variations however sites offering Real Estate Services such as Domain.com.au are likely to have an advantage in appealing to this market due to years of development and experience.


The Possibilities With Digital Advertising

Domain.com.au and similar sites are an excellent resource for property sellers, owners, buyers and renters as they allow the ability to get as close a concept of what a property offers without physically going to inspect.

As technology develops it will only continue to offer more options for advertising and provide buyers and renters the ability to get a great understanding of a property without stepping out the door.

The loss of print media is a sad event however what comes next is likely to bring many exciting developments and innovations.

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