Will The Courier Mail Be Queensland’s Last Source of Print Real Estate Ads?

Apr 18, 2020 | Media

Regional newspapers are just days from heading entirely online, will City papers like The Courier Mail follow suit or remain the final source of print Real Estate listings?

At the end of the month News Corp will be moving over 100 regional papers across the country entirely online. With huge firms like News Corp compelled to move to digital-only versions following dwindling sales of print newspapers bigger editions like Queenslands “The Courier Mail” are soon to become the only source of printed listings.

Fortunately, readers in the Capital cities who enjoy their Sunday morning browse of the listings have a bit more time than their regional counterparts however as to how long The Courier Mail and it’s interstate variants have left is hard to answer.

The Courier Mail Real Estate Liftout
Source: The Courier Mail Real Estate News

The Rise of Digital Media

There is no denying the gradual take over digital media and Real Estate advertising is no different. 

Although there will always be an argument for the appeal of physically holding a Real Estate pull-out if your hand the capabilities of the digital format allow for much more in-depth experience for potential buyers and renters.

Virtual tours, HD photographs and even drone flyovers mean print advertising simply can’t give potential buyers the realistic experience that online can. 

The Courier Mail and similar news sources will likely take advantage of these technological advancements but may lag behind some of the Real Estate specific sites.

Online options not only allow a virtual experience that is as close to actually being there as possible but also allows for an in-depth rundown of the properties and it’s location.

Consistent innovations within the industry also make it possible for potential buyers and renters to register their interest in a property immediately making the case for print options even harder to sell.

What Does This Mean For The Courier Mail and the Last Remaining Print News Sources?

As we draw closer to the end of print media, giants like The Courier Mail are likely to hang on as long as there is a market for them.

From the perspective of property owners, the move to digital is mostly only positive, continuing to bring more eyes to your property and increasing chances of finding the right tenant.

Technology is constantly adapting and the best property managers are adapting along with it.

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